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The IMPACT Experience partners with ten (10) organizations that service women who have been affected by one or more of our targeted challenges. Each Partner nominates one (1) of their clients for the total beauty and fashion transformation, and invites five (5) additional clients that they serve to be IMPACTED by the experience and support their nominated peer. The selected women will be treated to a free hair & beauty makeover, and outfitted with fashionable apparel/accessories by Mrs. Sarah Herring, professional stylist, CEO and Founder of Fashion IMPACT by HandBagsULike, in collaboration with local partners.


The selected Partner sponsored honorees will take center stage to be presented to the guests after being transformed. It is our belief that when you LOOK better, you FEEL better, self-esteem is STRENGTHENED, spirits are LIFTED, attitudes are SHIFTED and women are TRANSFORMED. Your support of this event makes a tremendous impact on the lives of the honored women.

This is a unique opportunity to build stronger community ties, promote your business and have an intimate involvement of change to the lives of overcoming women in the community.

• Initial: Recognition in program announcements.

• Engaged: Initial level benefit plus social media advertisement (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Receive three (3) event tickets and reserved seating at event.

• Major: Engaged level benefit plus logo marketing materials and business mentioned in radio announcements. Receive five (5) event tickets and reserved seating at event.

• Greater: Major level benefit plus receive seven (7) event tickets and reserved seating at event.

• Premium Major level benefit plus table for eight (8) at event.

• Complete: Major level benefit plus table for ten (10) at event.

• Total: Complete level benefit plus program listing as the venue/transportation/travel/etc. sponsor.

• Transitional (In-Kind): This level allows you to be a non-financial IMPACT shifting in the lives of the nominated clients through your sponsored time, service or product


To build and restore women, one community at a time. 

Nassau Bahamas

January 19, 2019

Portland, Oregon
February 28, 2019
Columbus, Ohio
March 3, 2019
Accra, Ghana​
March 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
March 24, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee
March 30, 2019
Atlantic City, New Jersey
April 28, 2019
Memphis, Tennessee
May 5, 2019
Paris, France
May 10, 2019
Houston, Texas
May 18, 2019
Austin, Texas
June 4, 2019 
London, United Kingdon
June 22, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana​
July 7, 2019
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